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  • Barth Crane Inspections, LLC   |   Summerville, SC   |   (843) 871-8877

    Stories? Videos? Photos?

    Do you have an interesting crane story, photos or video that you would like to share? Please email us using our Contact Us form and we'll let you know how to contribute to CraneOperator.com.

    Crane Safety

    Tom Barth has dedicated his life to crane safety. A crane operator, inspector, trainer and accident investigator with 38 years in the industry, Tom is committed to helping operators and companies make their workplace safer. With his background in tower cranes, crawlers, truck cranes, harbor cranes and more, and working in some of the harshest conditions on the planet, he brings a unique combination of knowledge, skills and dedication to the field of crane safety.


    Accident Investigation
    Accident Reconstruction
    Expert Testimony
    Crane Inspections
    Tower Crane Inspections


    Crane Operator Training
    Safety Inspections
    Load Testing

    Our Mission is Crane Safety

    Barth Crane Consultants Accident Investigation, Reconstruction and Expert Witness Testimony

    Most accidents can be prevented with proper training, inspections and maintenance.

    Our goal is to educate crane operators, riggers, inspectors and businesses to reduce the risks inherent in any location where cranes are working. We want to improve the skills of those working in and around cranes, ensure that cranes have been properly inspected and maintained, help workers make rational decisions in a dangerous environment and assist businesses in creating safer worksites.

    We are continually adding to our crane safety resources. You'll find articles, safety videos, stories of complicated lifts and solutions and a variety of accident videos and photos to enhance awareness of the necessity for crane safety training and eduction.

    Tom Barth, owner of Barth Crane Inspections, LLC has more than 38 years experience as a crane operator, trainer, inspector and accident investigator. He has operated cranes of all types in some of the harshest conditions in the world, investigated crane accidents in more than 55 high-profile cases and has prevented numerous potential accidents with his highly regarded and accredited inspections across the country.

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